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What's the difference between Braid and Monofilament fishing line?  This topic was suggested by Tink Newsome from the Soft Plastics Anonymous page. Well for some people its not much, for others it a world of difference. This article is to explore why this is so and what's better for Soft Plastics fishing. Let look at how its constructed first as this may help us to understand the differences in its capabilities.  Mono or monofilament as it is known is made by the melting, mixing and extrusion of a copolymer mixture through small holes. The term mono is a Greek term...

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You know what it like, you stare at the tackle box and the $gazzilion dollars you have spent on plastics and scratch your head, what do I use today? Well I still do it and truth be known, so do all experienced plastic fisho’s. This article will attempt to walk you through the steps of picking your plastic for best effect. So we so we all have our favorites, the ones we have blitzed out on and used until the plastic is its former shadow of its once less battle scarred self. Truth be told, you are a little superstitious...

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