Skulldrag Industries, 'what's in a name' you say, well to us here at Skulldrag, we know that challenges and obstacles lay in your path at every turn. As a family based company, we  can appreciate that life is not always easy, in fact most times you just have to put your shoulder to the wheel and make things happen.

To 'skulldrag' something is to exert unstoppable force to a seemingly unmovable object. Here at Skulldrag Industries we know that this is not just a physics concept, but a challenge that many of us experience everyday. Sometimes it just an act of 'sheer will' that makes things happen, move that obstacle or overcome fear and to us, this is what Skulldrag Industries was set up to celebrate.

Whether at work or at home, you are that unstoppable force, that undeniable constant and hero of your own story. Skulldrag Industries exists to support fellow 'Skulldraggers' in work or in play. Life is short, so we should all be prepared to dream big and dig in to be that unstoppable force, to move the seemingly unmovable and to do what others believe cannot be done, that's the 'Skulldrag way'.