Lighting up the night - Berley Pro Orb install and lights

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Lighting up the night - Berley Pro Orb install and lights

So when you spend a bit of time on the water as we do, you do want that ability to flick a switch and light up the night. 

We purchased the Berley Pro Orb after seeing how well it worked on our mates kayak #hobiescott down in St. Georges Basin and how effective that was for early morning snapper fishing. So it was a no brainer to go for the Berley Pro Orb, the added bonus was the ultra-bright LED strip lighting which also limited the power usage considerably.

We had to consider where to mount the Railblaza/ berley pro mount bracket and the key consideration was to ensure that the light was above you (needs to be the highest point on the Yak, with no obstructions to be legal as a navigation light) and does not get in your eyes, yet enough to light up the area you want to see. 

So we chose the right side rear bulkhead which made the light high and offset to the side, so light still made it past your shoulder in the seated position and lit up the cockpit of the yak as much as possible. 

Railblaza/ Berley pro Orb installation Skulldrag Industries

After carefully checking for clearance we managed to place our mounting bracket in the desired position. The only thing I will say about the install is I am not crazy about the Berley Pro power plug under the black cover above, it makes the power cord extend out at 90 degrees and could benefit from a right-angle adapter to make the whole setup seamless. 

PA 14 Lights Camera Action Skulldrag Industries

The above picture shows the position of the Orb light high-right of screen and gives plenty of light to the fishing position.

We also added a few extra lights under the side rails to give good cockpit lighting as required, these were cheap LED strips purchased from ebay and were easily installed underside of the black side panels.

So what did we learn? well you need to consider the lighting position and what shadow might be cast from the light position. A bright light in your face will ruin your night vision and be a very big distraction and might even prevent you from seeing obstacles at night. 

Se our last piece on this section in the next blog on 'Powering the dream'.

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