YakSafe - Self Rescue Strap

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Love your kayaking? Love getting out on the water? Who does’t? If you spend time out on the water in your kayak, it is only a matter of when, not if, that you will end up in water. It could be over-balance, it could be boat wash, or a number of other factors,  but eventually it’s going to happen.

Being able to self rescue in deep water where you cannot touch is extremely important. It requires technique and plenty of upper body strength and is not as easy as it seems. Adrenaline pumping, wet clothes and upturned kayak, taking on water. Can it get worse, well yeah it can, much worse.

The YakSafe self rescue strap is the cheapest insurance to help you get your craft right way up, and you, right back on. Made from 600kg breaking strain webbing this custom adjustable strap will help you to roll your craft over and help you use your lower body strength (your legs) to get you back on, before things get too much worse. 

Whether you kayak has a handle or hardpoint to mount from, the YakSafe will suit you pride and joy. The strap also doubles as a securing tether to assist others or to fix your craft to the wharf.

Rest easy out on the water, that if you take a tumble out, that you can get back in, safely and without superhuman effort with your YakSafe self rescue strap.