Skulldrag Guardian Hobie PA Bundle

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Net storage on board your PA 14/12, just became that little bit easier with the Skulldrag Guardian.

Gone are the days of reaching behind you to find your net vertically stored behind you while in the heat of battle with that trophy fish. In full view, laid down on the front hatch the Guardian slurpy watches over your net, securing it in place ready when you are, to scoop that PB.

Designed to fit the Skulldrag Omega and Nemesis net range (but able to accommodate other net types) the Guardian neatly installs under the webbing hinge straps of your PA front hatch hinges and offers a removable bracket for those of us that love our handy net storage, but are not crazy about drilling holes in the front of our pride and joy. 

No-one likes interference with your Hobie pedal drive, but everyone likes having your landing net, handy and ready for use at a moments notice. The Skulldrag Guardian mast support is a useful addition to the Skulldrag Guardian C bracket on the front of your PA, keeping your net secure on the front bug ready to launch into action at a moments notice.

The mast support pole also helps support camera attachments for that epic action shot, on water video or just capturing your new PB.

The Skulldrag mast support is a 450mm polished alloy tube the fits into the Hobie PA mast slot in front of the pedal drive and has a handy Y bracket on top to cradle the handle of your net.

There are two Guardian mast support versions available, one to fit older Hobie PA’s with the bungee mast retainer and another cleanskin  mast for use in newer PAs that can be secured by a few wraps of electrical tape on the shaft to snuggly fit into the mast slot.

The Guardian mast support is a useful addition to keep that net out of your pedal drive but close enough above your toes to keep it in easy reach.

included in the Guardian bundle install are:

1x Guardian C bracket

1x Guardian mounting plate

1x Stainless mounting kit 

1x Guardian mast support with/without bungee loop

Made from ABS plastic the guardian is moderately impact resistant, UV stable and will watch over your net on the front of your PA (and allow you too also) in a horizontal stored but secure location, readily accessible at a moments notice.

So protect your net with a Skulldrag Guardian and be ready to secure that next PB without breaking a sweat.