Skulldrag Landing Nets

Quality landing nets for quarry, big or small. Built using thick walled aluminium tubing, these nets punch above their weight in durability, comfort and ease of use. The slimline designs feature shaped net pockets to secure your catch in their keep while maintaining fish health, reducing stress and their protective slime coat, which is essential for bacterial health and infection resistance, especially in recently caught fish.

The Skulldrag range features positive buoyancy in all models, designed to float handle up so in the all to common case of losing this overboard you just swing back around and pick it up. This is a fisherman mood enhancing feature, let me tell you.

A comfort grip adds to the experience with a non slip feature, perfect for ensuring you don’t mishandle the net at that crucial time.

Stainless steel drainage holes add to the mix to give a great quick drain of the close weave netting, or a good way of in net revival for played out specimens, allowing minimum handling and enhancing maximum release health.

All nets come with a double walled backpocket which means double the strength right where it counts, even the toothy brigade are not going to stand a chance.

The printed scale guide, allows you to measure your catch for that quick photo, without even removing them from the net. Perfect as an in built brag mat, and release aid.

Remember that fish health is important, whether for release or quick dispatch for the table. 

If your looking for a durable, quality net that is going to share you exploits and capture your finest bragging moments then this range is for you.

The ‘Sidearm’ is the tough little brother, small, portable, swift and agile. Interior scale is to 40cm, however this little tough but will handle up to 15 lb of thrashing fish. Ready when you are at moments notice, perfect for kayaking and wading.

The ‘Overlord’ has the power and authority to direct and control most inshore species into its keep. With a scale up to 60cm this mid-range net is a workhorse and will keep safe fish upwards of 70cms with a bit of curling. A 500mm handle  means the Overlord will suit boat fishing as well as not being too large for use in a kayak or wading.

As the song goes, ‘Don’t fear the Reaper’, well you may need to reconsider, the Skulldrag Reaper is the big brother, full of confidence and will and able to take on anything, with an internal scale of 75cms, this bad boy will take fish up to the magic 100cm with ease. The deep keep and narrower intake lip mean the net is surprisingly compact for such a large net. With all the features of the other nets combined above, it is a formidable large net capable of taking memory makers. No one escapes the Reaper.

Check out the range or ask our staff for more information.