Rhino Lures Range

Rhino Lures Aussie made for Aussie fish

Looking for quality Aussie made plastics, look no further. All Rhino Lures have a catch scent baked into their DNA and with their unique blend of plastic will not bend or deform in your tacklebox like other soft plastics on the market. paired with the Rhino Goo top up catch scent and you have a delicious morsel, ready to be smashed.

Mangrove jack love the Rhino Lures Paddletails in Ghost White

With the rise of soft plastic fishing, its popularity and effectiveness, these Aussie made lures are certainly turning heads and racking up the catch count. 

Supple enough to seductively lure your quarry, yet strong enough to resist the fangs and teeth of predatory species, Rhino Lures are getting the on done, no fancy promotion, not frills and no nonsense.

Constantly inovating, Rhino Lures actively looks for new products to support the soft plastics fisho.

Here are a few of the range and packs available. 

The Rhino Wiggler Range

Rhino Lures- Wriggler chart 2019

The Rhino Lure Ticklegrub Range

Rhino Lures - Ticklegrub 5 inch Range 2019

Displayed are some of the range available, if you have any questions or would like to custom order your own colour, contact Nick at @RhinoLures for further information.