YakSafe - Safety and self rescue systems for your kayak

YakSafe -Safety and self rescue systems

You love your kayaking! Don’t we all. But how much thought goes into the what if’s of water safety. If you kayak, eventually you will end up in the water, it’s not a chance, but a certainty. Many of us do not consider this until we are faced with the this uncomfortable reality of life on the water.

Losing you fishing gear, keys wallet or phone may be bad enough, but don’t add injury to insult. Know how you get back into your kayak, quickly, effectively and safely. If you have never tried a deep water re-entry to your kayak, now is the time to give it a go. It is not as easy as it seems.

Couple this situation with some wave chop, cold water conditions, oh and clothes that suddenly weigh 10 times their dry weight, baked in a pressure cooker of adrenaline and exhaustion and you have recipe for disaster.

Deep water entry to a kayak is no laughing matter and if you are lucky to have a mate or two close, then their help may well save your life. Sure, it’s embarrassing but necessary, now consider if help is not quick to hand. Upturned kayak, taking on water, no help nearby, too far to swim, hope you are wearing your life jacket, you might be needing it.

So how do you self rescue, it’s easier than you think, but it takes a little preparation which may well save your life or someone you know.

YakSafe self rescue stirrup

The YakSafe self recuse system is an easy and cost effective way of helping you re-enter your kayak in deep water and helps you to use lower body strength to get yourself back on the kayak. 

For those of us that lack the upper body strength to lift our own weight above our shoulders then consider your safety. If you cannot do a pull up on a set of monkey bars to save your life than consider investing in a TraySafe rescue stirrup.

Apart from retaining your senses after the impromptu dip, your first priority, (apart from thinking about all the gear you have lost) is to right the kayak, before it takes on too much water. The Yak will be no use if it is full of water before you get back on it. TheYakSafe doubles as a roll over aid and by throwing the strap over the hull and using the adjustable strap, place your foot in the stirrup and by placing weight on it and rolling the hull with your arms, it will pop right over.

The stirrup works by affixing one end to the kayak handle, hardpoint, seat or drainhole and adjusting the stirrup to the desired length you can get a foothold into the stirrup and use your leg muscles in combination with your upper body to provide the strength to get you up onto the kayak.

Pretty, we’ll no. Practical, well yes. Sure beats swimming to the bank or hanging on for dear life until hope arrives.

in all kayaking, You should be wearing a personal floatation device or PFD, if you are struggling do not take this off, this is you insurance policy in case you do not make it back into the Yak. With your YakSafe, ensure it is firmly fastened.

With a 600kg breaking strain, powder coated aluminum buckle, this little insurance policy can just stay attached to your Yak during normal operations and ready to go when you need it most. It also makes for a handy extra lashing to secure a second kayak to yours if you need to help out a mate. Check out the self rescue stirrup today and be YakSafe for your next trip out.