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Arguably, the FG knot is the most versatile and low profile knots for joining braid line with fluorocarbon tippets for fishing with lures. This low profile knot is almost as strong as straight through braid, is low profile, meaning less rod eye friction on casting and in close quarter battle, translating to longer casts, increasing your chances of hooking your quarry and less likelihood of losing the prize right at your feet, what’s not to like!

However, tying these bad boys is a challenge, especially when the adrenaline is pumping, the wave and wind action makes it difficult, or if your eyesight was not as good as it once was!

Enter them Knot Assist 2.0, specifically made to take the guess work out of your FG tying, simple instructions and easy storage make this an absolute must have for the Aussie lure fisho!