Skulldrag Beast

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When your looking for an XL net to track down XL quarry, you need a Beast of a net. Designed to accommodate Murray cod, tuna or larger Barra out of your kayak or boat, the Beast is up to the challenge.
You need a net robust enough to handle the greater weight, supple enough to look after the slime coating of the fish and forgiving enough to accommodate your fish of a lifetime until you can get hands on for that all important glory snap. 
Built tough with higher diameter aluminum tube with increased wall thickness, the Skulldrag Beast well and truly lives up to its name.
The netting has a horizontal weave allowing minimal unloaded depth ( weave closes up ), so it is less susceptible to getting caught up and assists with storage, when loaded the net weave will open the net and   allow a depth of about 1m with your precious cargo onboard.

With a net opening of 80cm long by 50cm wide, the Beast will accommodate even the largest of your monsters with ease.

The Beast features a comfort handgrip, handle floatation and a 150cm all up length making it the perfect size for big fish kayak hunting or having a crack at them from the tinnie. But if you need some customisation like an extended handle or extra bling, let our staff know and we can make it happen.

For some species (and locations) such as cod removing the fish from the water is not permitted, but being able to cradle your catch and reduce stress on them until you can reach the bank for an in-water picture is crucial.
It also keeps them healthy and ready to release well without the heartbreak of things going belly up.

Secure your PB with the Beast.