Skulldrag PrawnStar

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When the prawns are on, the last thing you want is stopping to pickup the strays that flick straight out of the bucket as soon as they hit the water.
Enter the Skulldrag PrawnStar, designed to keep your tasty morsels in the bucket after pouring them in from a top pocket cast net.
The soft silicone mesh will allow your catch to funnel down into the water and prevent them from attempting to make a break for freedom over the side. The silicone netting will gently rebound your dinner back into the water without damage and prevents almost all of even the most determined prawns from escape!

Being able to dump your top pocket and reset your net in double quick time, without worrying about picking up all your escapees, means the Skulldrag PrawnStar will allow you  to maximize you catch rate when the action is happening thick and fast.

The flexible silicone netting and webbing attachment allows a firm connection to any 20-30L bucket, square or round, and will keep you catch in the bucket so you can focus on getting more of their mates to join them, and we all like that!

The silicone netting opening can be held to provide easy filtering and assists with water changes to keep your catch fresh or to funnel into your esky to chill down for perfect storage.

No more prawn spikes during water changes or moving to the esky, that’s got to be good for us and got to be good for preserving the quality of your catch.

We love our prawning and so will you with the Skulldrag PrawnStar!