Skulldrag Utility Belt

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Utility belts are just for superhero’s right? Well not anymore, ever lost a fish at your feet because it was too much hassle to carry a net? Ever dropped your reel into the water while trying to get a grip on your catch, and now it turns like a salt grinder, we feel your pain.

The Skulldrag Utility Belt solves that problem with:

  • A 38mm extra strong webbing belt, perfect for fresh or salt water fishing.
  • Handy access and carriage of a light landing net, so never drop a fish trying to lead it up the bank again.
  • Use both hands to work on your catch without having to wade to dry land.
  • D ring tie off point, for easy carriage of a keeper net.

With a handy net holster to take the hassle out of carrying your net, a rod loop for the easy strorage of your rod while working on your catch and a handy D ring loop to tie off your keeper net so you can go on and keep fishing that hot bite without wading to shore.

Secure yours today and make sure it’s not the one that gets away, but the one that makes sure nothing gets away.